Maria Nhambu


Born in Tanzania, East Africa, Maria Nhambu was raised by German nuns at an orphanage for bi-racial children. Throughout the hardships and mixed blessings of her childhood, Nhambu (she prefers to be known by her Sukuma name) sustained her spirit through dance and kept alive her dream of further education and a life for herself. She was able to fulfill that dream in the United States.

A trip back to her homeland years later powerfully and joyfully reconnected her with the Spirit of Africa and her heritage. Returning to the United States, she began teaching African studies and Swahili and created Aerobics With Soul®, a popular workout based on African dance. Sharing her love of Africa and its culture and rhythms has been the focus of her life.




Photo by Daphney Antoine




“America’s Daughter” Book Launch Party at The Marsh October 5, 2017






The Dancing Soul Trilogy By Maria Nhambu


 Book One: Africa’s Child

 Book Two: America’s Daughter

 Book Three (Coming in 2018): Drum Beats, Heart Beats